More iPad Mini Rumors: Four to Six Million Units Expected to Sell During Holiday Season Alone

With the rumored fall release of a purported iPad mini approaching fast, analysts are already dropping their predictions for its upcoming success. Apple Insider recently reported that Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray has estimated that Apple will sell a whopping six million units this holiday season.

Munster’s prediction is based on the belief that the smaller iPad will come with a price point of $299 and have 16 GB of storage. He admits that the “mini” would cannibalize regular sized iPad sales, but estimates it to only be about 10 percent, as opposed to the 25 percent that Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves predicted last week. He also believes that the iPad mini would take away 30 percent of total Android sales this holiday season.

“We believe this implies that Apple could sell 4-6 million smaller iPads in the December quarter, assuming a holiday launch,” Munster was quoted in a report to investors as saying. “If the launch occurs in (the fourth quarter), we believe the smaller iPad would add about 1% to revenue and (earnings per share) in December.”

Meanwhile, SlashGear is also reporting some rumors regarding the potential design of the mini. Unnamed sources say that the smaller iPad reportedly, “takes styling cues from the 4th-gen iPod touch rather than the new iPad.” It is unclear whether that means a chrome finished backing instead of a brushed aluminum one, or if it refers to the curved edge of the iPod touch over the beveled edge of the current generation iPad.

Chinese language-basaed blog Macotakara reported over the weekend [Via: BGR] that the iPad mini will begin mass production this September at Foxconn’s Brazil plant. The site also described the smaller iPad as being the same height as the Nexus 7, but slightly wider. It was also reported as being thinner than the Kindle Fire.

While Apple has not said a peep about whether an iPad mini is truly on its way this fall, the rumor mill is running at full steam, which is usually a good indicator of some form of reality.

Do you still think the iPad mini is just pipe smoke? Or, like me, have you finally started to believe in the hyped up myth? Will I eat my words or be able to say, “I told you so” to my pessimistic friends?

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