iMpulse – A Small Controller for Your iDevices

The iMpulse is a multi-use gaming device. It’s a Bluetooth controller that’s used for playing games on the iPhone or the iPad, and it serves as a locator for whatever it’s attached to, such as your keys.

And the best part? It’s ultra small, fitting in the palm of your hand or in a pocket for easy transportation. It’s the perfect solution for gaming on the go.

The iMpulse connects to your iDevice using Bluetooth, and claims to have a rechargeable battery that’s able to last through long play sessions and an extended sleep mode when you’re not using it. It recharges through USB.

It has four buttons plus a thumbstick, which is fairly standard for controllers. Like the iCade, it’s compatible with over 100 games, including all of those that work with the iCade.

When you are not playing games with the iMpulse, it’s able to be turned into a tracker. Download the companion app (to be released) and tap the “Locate” button. If the iMpulse is within 100 feet of your phone or iPad it will chirp so that you can locate it.

Most of the gaming solutions for iDevices cost a bundle. For example, the iCade Mobile controller retails for $70, but the iMpulse is available for pre-order at the very affordable price of $19.99. I’m eager to test it out, because while it looks great, will such a small controller actually be usable?

The iMpulse isn’t available just yet, but it will begin shipping during the later months of 2012. For now, you can pre-order on the iMpulse website.

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