Apple’s Upcoming iPad Probably Going Through LED Backlight Revisions


We’ve heard rumors that there is a new iPad readying for launch earlier than next March , when we would normally expect to see another version of the tablet. These updates may include the iPad undergoing some small revisions that may include a redesigned battery (giving a thinner, lighter and lower temperature device) as well as an enlarged lens hole (for reasons we aren’t quite sure of just yet).

We’ll add to the pile of possible changes, a suspected reduction in the number of LEDs that add backlighting to the iPad’s screen (from 2 down to 1).

The reasoning behind this decision appears to be an additional attempt to reduce the heat coming from the third generation iPad. Whether this would be in addition to or instead of changes to the battery it isn’t clear (though fewer LEDs should also improve battery life at least marginally).

The new display in the updated iPad should also feature indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) panel technology (which may mean a shift in manufacturing from Samsung to Sharp as well).

The source of this rumor indicated that this change would not affect the luminosity and clarity we enjoy in the latest iPad, but Apple will have to tread very cautiously given how important the “Retina display” has become to their brand.

While I think Apple is always looking to fine tune batteries and displays in any/all of their devices, it seems somewhat unlikely that this LED rumor is true –if for no other reason than it would mean Apple has to admit that there is an overheating problem to begin with. The likelihood would increase however, if that change did end up positively impacting the iPad by making it thinner and lighter with a longer lasting battery.

This new and slightly improved iPad is supposed to launch along with the iPhone 5 (which is a rumor of its own) in October of this year in time for the holiday season.

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