Solve Puzzles to Help the Clumsy Pirates – iPad Game Review

Clumsy PiratesYoung Billy the Mop is in charge of the cleaning but longs for the day when he can become a grand buccaneer (and share in the endless bottles of rum that his mates seem to enjoy). The story behind the app begins when the bombs aboard the ship are lit and Billy is the only sober mind – giving him the chance to save the day!

Using bubbles and ladders (both of which transport him up), you must help Billy carry the bombs to the top deck where he can throw them overboard before they explode!

Like most puzzle games, Clumsy Pirates starts off easy but gets progressively more difficult as you solve the earlier levels. Obstacles on the deck will slow you down, change your direction and make it challenging to get the bomb out of your hands prior to detonation.

The pace of the game is reasonably fast, with Billy running around on each level of the ship (watch out for those holes in the floor or your good work getting him higher up will be wasted as he slips back down). A fuse on the side of the screen lets you know just how much time you have before the bomb in your hand ends your current attempt!

The graphics in Clumsy Pirates are colorful, animated and very engaging The interface is very easy to work with, making this game easy to play for just about any age group.

What I liked: The ‘violence’ in this game is actually quite child friendly –despite bombs exploding, the level of detail is very cartoon-ish and not at all scary.

What I didn’t like: When you begin the game you are given a number of on-screen tips but none tell you the importance of picking up the gold doubloons on each level as they are required to unlock other ships in the game!

To buy or not to buy: If you like puzzle games, pirates (or rum), this one is a fun game that is worth grabbing.

  • App Name: Clumsy Pirates
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Thumbstar Games
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:


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