Rumor of the Day: Wall Street Journal Reports iPad Mini is On Its Way

The Wall Street Journal Online is reporting that component suppliers for Apple Inc. are preparing for mass production this coming September for a “tablet computer with a smaller screen than the iPad.”

Unnamed sources told the WSJ that the smaller-screened tablet, dubbed “iPad mini,” will likely be smaller than 8 inches, which sounds about right since previous rumors have claimed that the smaller iPad will be 7.85 inches.

The secret sources have named LG Display and AU Optronics as the two manufacturers that will be making the mini’s screen.

The news from the supply chain isn’t the least bit surprising. Analysts have predicted as much for a few months now. The rumor mill is churning out a lot of duplicate information these days. Personally, I’m not getting excited until I see my first “alleged” image of one.

If and when the iPad mini hits store shelves, which is quite possibly early this fall, analysts have predicted that will be a big hit with Apple selling as many as 10 million units in the first quarter of its release.

This comes at a time when Google is predicted to release its first tablet, the Nexus 7, which will be approximately 7”, and when Microsoft plans on pushing out its Surface tablets, complete with the newest version of Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. With all of these new-fangled gadgets ready to make waves, its no wonder Apple has decided to get its feet wet in the smaller tablet arena.

I can’t wait for Christmas this year. Maybe Santa will bring me an iPad mini, a Nexus 7, and a Surface. I’ve been good, I swear.

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