iCloud Beta Preview: Default iOS Apps Now Available Online, Improved ‘Find My iPhone’ App

The iOS 6 beta has been available since the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11, but the all new iCloud beta, which includes updates to Find My iPhone and the addition of Notes and Reminders, was just released to developers today.

Apple’s iCloud Beta portal, which can be found at beta.icloud.com features beta notices on Calendar, Find My iPhone, Notes, and Reminders.

Find My iPhone has been updated with a new look and a battery status icon, giving users of lost devices a hint on how long they have to find the missing device.

Notes, which has long been available on iOS, is now universally available on both the mobile and desktop platforms. The iCloud version looks a lot like the iOS version with a yellow notepad-themed design and the ability to create, edit, and delete notes that sync with iOS.

Reminders has been removed from Calendar and is now a unique app that is similar to the version of the app that was released with iOS 5. With this list making app, users can set tasks, times, dates, and check off finished projects.

While the new version of iCloud is only available to developers with access to the iOS 6 beta right now, the full version will become available this fall.

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