Who Would Have Thought That Summer Was A Vampire Season – iPad App Review

I’ve been on a monster movie kick lately. Over the past two days, I’ve watched “The Night of the Comet,” (loved it) “Terror Vision,” (hated it) and “The Fallen” (I’ still trying to figure out how I felt about it). So, when I came across Vampire Season, I was ready for some monster-killing action and this castle defense game did not disappoint.

Players control an army of monsters that are tasked with keeping their boss, Dracula, from being attacked by pesky monster hunters like Van Helsing and a professional exorcist. You and your team of vampires, zombies and boogiemen must defend the castle that is Dracula’s coffin.

Each monster has his own special ability and weakness. For example, the vampire can regenerate his health, but he isn’t very strong, so a few good blows will put him six feet under. The zombie is tough as nails against wizards, but gets his decomposing butt handed to him by anyone else he fights with.


Each level has three parts. Once a player successfully defends Dracula through the first leg of the fight, he can choose to “chicken out” and not complete the rest of the fight. If you choose to quit after the first round, you will not earn any bonus coins, but you won’t lose everything you’ve earned so far by dying. If you play through to the second round, you can quit before the third round begins and leave without feeling too ashamed. If you go the distance, you risk losing it all, but the rewards for completing all three rounds are great.

Players can upgrade their army with the coins they earn. The upgrades will increase certain weaknesses for your monsters. For example, the vampire will get a boost to his life, making it harder to kill him. There are also one-time power ups that can be purchased to help get you through a really tough level, like the “Nucular Pumpkin,” which obliterates every enemy on the map.


The graphics are mid-quality, but by no means poor. It is adequate for a mobile game. The story itself is pretty clever. There are some witty lines that will make fans of “Plants Versus Zombies” smirk.

The upgrades and power ups cost a pretty penny, making an in-app purchase almost necessary. You can still play through much of the game without paying real cash, but it takes a long time to earn the few thousand coins needed for each item in the store.

Overall, this is an entertaining castle defense game that will be a great addition to anyone’s casual games folder on their iPad. It may have come out about four months too soon (monsters always come out of their hiding place around Halloween) but fans of the macabre will enjoy this monster mash.


What I liked: While this is part of the castle defense genre, it stands out from others because of the unique way in which players must set up the fighters in multiple locations in order to successfully defend the castle. I also really enjoyed the witty humor that peppers the storyline. Very clever.

What I didn’t like: The graphics could be better. Even though I prefer a free game with in-app purchases more than a paid game with in-app purchases, I’d like to see the coins flow a little more freely. It shouldn’t take four levels to earn enough money to upgrade one monster.

To buy or not to buy: This game is definitely worth the download for fans of castle defense games.

  • Name: Vampire Season
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.2
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: 6waves
  • Price: Free
  • Score:


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