Metro Tasks: Love Your To-Dos! — iPad App Review

Metro TasksIs the first task on your to-do list to actually create a to-do list? Do you find that simple lists of tasks don’t help you to get things accomplished? Are you a visual person that is aided by colorful organization and meaningful labels? Metro Tasks may just be your salvation.

Using a series of folders, tasks can be added or moved through an easy to intuit drag-and-drop interface. The customization options are infinite, but consider using folders for home, family, finances, work, shopping, events, fitness, travel, calls and ideas!

Each task can be as simple or detailed as required. Set due dates, alerts, allow them to repeat and leave yourself details notes with all the information you will need to get things done. Integration with Twitter and Facebook will let you share tasks with others, or simply email them or add them to your calendar directly. An interesting set of added features even lets you add a photo (either taken with your camera at the time you create the task or added from your library) or add a contact from your contact list.

Adding the tasks is only the first part, Metro Tasks also helps you manage the actual workflow of getting them done. Mark when tasks are in progress and done and review lists of everything by stage (see what you’ve started, what you still need to do and what is completed).

Trying to see when you can fit in that next meeting or extra workout? Metro Tasks lets you tell at a glance what you have due today, tomorrow, within the next week or in the future.

Metro Tasks is a project manager for your life.

What I liked: The tutorial that runs when you begin using this app is first-rate and gets you up and running with ease.

What I didn’t like: I wish that this app was available in some form on the iPhone as well. It maybe difficult to replicate the sophisticated interface on a much smaller screen, but many of us use our iPhones interchangeably with our iPads and would like access to our to-do lists across both devices.

To buy or not to buy: If you have a busy life that involves juggling tasks between work, home and beyond, Metro Tasks will prove to be well worth the price.


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