iPad Taking More Prominent Position at Apple Retail Stores

Genius Bar

It seems that people like hanging out at the Genius Bar, so Apple is taking steps to make it a more comfortable place to be (though perhaps not for kids, who seem to be losing their tables and chairs).

In addition to these aesthetic changes, Apple Stores are in the midst of increasing adoption of the iPad as a means to manage customer service records.

The actual upgrades to the Genius Bar include rotating the tall 10-foot long wooden table 90 degrees so that it sits perpendicular to the rear wall of the store. Black stools flank both sides giving ample seating (increasing the total seats from 7 to 12) and the table is set back 15 inches from the back wall so that (somewhat skinny) employees can move the entire way around the structure. The top of the table does not seem to feature any outlets or cords, though both are visible beneath heading toward the floor.

This sleek and streamlined look will serve as the perfect compliment to a lineup of iPads playing the supporting role in each Apple Store. Besides, what better way to demonstrate the versatility of the company’s flagship tablet?

According to Gary Allen from ifoAppleStore.com, “Apple is in the midst of enlarging or moving several early stores to increase their size to improve the ability to accommodate more visitors. However, not every shopping mall or other venue has space available for a larger Apple store. This new 90-degree Genius Bar turn solution would be particularly effective at narrow stores where there is limited room for seated customers.”

These upgrades contribute to Apple’s goal of becoming a destination store for Apple customers. By making the stores more comfortable and inviting while utilizing Apple technology it showcases the company’s products in a way that the company hopes will further encourage people to stop by and learn (buy) a little.

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