Extend Googe Docs to your iOS Device with Google Drive – iPad App Review

Google DriveBuilt as an extension to Google Docs, Google Drive is an elegant file storage and sync service with a new native app for all of your iOS devices! The app is free and comes complete with 5GB of free storage (additional space is available for a monthly fee beginning at USD $2.49 for 25GB), giving you ample opportunity to take it for a test drive.

Other services with similar purposes exist, but none carries the Google name (and inherent elegance) like this app.

Pulling up documents from within the app is very fast and very easy and gives you the ability to make each one available offline with two taps of your finger. Other details about the file are also visible, including the last modified date and a list of people that you have granted access.

Sharing files is also a piece of cake, with built in functionality to add new people (or groups) who can view, comment on and edit your files. If others have shared documents with you, they can be viewed here as well under the “Shared with me” menu item.

For those with large document libraries (Google will let you expand your account to hold a mere 16TB of data if you are willing to pay for it), use the built in search functionality to find exactly what you need.

Google Drive Screenshot

What I liked: I liked how effortlessly Google Drive connects with your existing Google Docs account, download the app and sign in with your ID and everything is waiting for you!

What I didn’t like: It would be nice if you could edit your documents directly from within this app, making this app very single-purpose.

To buy or not to buy: If you use Google Docs it makes perfect sense to grab this app!

  • App Name: Google Drive
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.1
  • Category: Productivity
  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Price: Free
  • Score:


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  • Guest

    It’s great for text documents and presentations but funky for spreadsheets. It would not offer me a useable option for opening and editing a spreadsheet. I have QuickOffice Pro but that option was not offered for some reason and the offered options were Logmein, Teamviewer Box and Dropbox. The last two insisted on uploaded the file as a zip file and could not open the spreadsheet in the zip format from the app. The file was not a large file I might add. QuickOffice was the offered option for text documents and Presentations.

    Best just to use QuickOffice which downloads and opens all three seamlessly from inside the app and use Drive mainly for viewing. Good start though! I am a Google Drive/Docs fan but the app still needs work.

    • TipsFromTheCloud

      Spreadsheets will open using Safari! On second look great app!