Apple’s iPhone and iPad Crush Android in Web Browsing

Apple has long held the top spot as the king of mobile browsing, and the company’s reign shows no signs of ending.

According to Net Applications, one of the industry’s top mobile analytics services, Apple’s mobile dominance hit an all time high in June.

Net Applications’ data, which comes from hits on 40,000 client sites weighted with population statistics, reveals that Apple snagged a record 65.27 percent of the mobile Web browsing share this month, a 4.2 percent increase over last month.

There are far more phones running Google’s Android, but Google had a much smaller Web browsing share at just 19.73 percent. Java ME came in third with a 10.22 percent share, and BlackBerry and Symbian were a distant fourth and fifth with 1.87 and 1.49 percent share, respectively.

These numbers have remained fairly stable since August of 2011, with slight increases and decreases, with the same result – Apple iPhone users are a lot more likely to use their devices to browse the web.

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