Apple Officially Closes the Doors on MobileMe

With the release of iCloud, Apple announced that it would be retiring its MobileMe service this month, which the Cupertino-based company went through with this Sunday.

The MobileMe service has been officially shut down, with displaying a “closed” sign in addition to links on how to set up iCloud and how to download files from a MobileMe gallery page or iDisk.

If you haven’t yet backed up your MobileMe documents or switched over to iCloud, you can still do so by visiting the website, but make sure to complete the migration quickly – there’s no word on how long Apple plans to keep the download options open.

You can currently download all of the photos stored in your gallery and retrieve the files from your iDisk if you still need to do that.

MobileMe may be shutting down, but don’t worry, if you have a email address, you will be able to hold on to it even if you don’t have OS X Lion.

The shutdown of MobileMe would have pleased Steve Jobs, who declared that the service was “not up to Apple’s standards,” after a launch that was riddled with email outages and data loss problems. Were you a MobileMe user? How do you feel about the switch to iCloud?

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