Lenny the Lion, for the iPad Lover with Everything — a Kickstarter Project

 File Peluche’s new iPad case under “things that make you go ‘awwwww’!” Apple’s iPad is often described as “sleek” but now everyone’s favorite tablet can be cuddly too, thanks to Lenny the Lion. Reminiscent of the omnipresent Pillow Pet, and its spin off, the Cuddle-uppet (“blankets that are puppets”), this soft, stuffed case will appeal to children of all ages.

Lenny the Lion isn’t just cute, he’s practical too. Lenny provides an extra layer of protection for your device, and will help keep your iPad safe from dings and scratches. His fur flips around to create a stand for typing or watching a video. There are even magnets beneath his fur that wake the iPad from sleep when the case is opened.

Lenny’s fur is clipped in all the right places, so his fuzzy mane won’t obscure a photo or block access to any of the ports. The zippers in his feet let the user store small iPad accessories easily.


Lenny’s creators still need backers to secure funding for their project. Currently the project has more than 90 percent of its funding to secure, so if you want your very own Lenny consider backing it.

Early bird backers who pledge $45 will receive one Lenny, while those who sign on for $100 will receive two cases. If funded, Lenny’s creators expect to deliver the cases to backers by November 2012, just in time for the holidays.

Interested backers must pledge before August 2, 2012, so don’t wait.

For a close-up look at the previous incarnations of Lenny, check out Peluche on Facebook.

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  • Martin

    Where can I order it?

    • http://www.sacramaniacs.com/ Lory Gil

      Peluche was not successfully funded on Kickstarter. The last Facebook entry was dated July of 2012, which leads me to believe the creator decide to stop future development.