Google Finally Unveils Chrome for iPad and iPhone

After months of rumors claiming Google was developing Chrome for the iPad and the iPhone, and several third party attempts to get the browser on iOS, it’s officially here.

Just this morning, Google made its official announcement: Chrome for iOS is a reality, and it’s available today.

iOS users have been hoping for Chrome on the iPad for quite some time. It is, after all, one of the most popular web browsers, with more than 310 million users worldwide.

Chrome for iOS will offer the same browsing experience as both the desktop and Android versions of the software, and when signing into Chrome, you can sync your browser between all of your devices.

In addition to Chrome, Google has also announced a Google Drive app for the iPad and the iPhone. Drive is Google’s cloud storage solution, and is now available across all platforms.

The new Chrome and Drive apps are not yet available, but they will go live today, so keep an eye on the App Store.

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  • Dave

    Found google drive, but no chrome yet :(

  • Dave

    Ok now I have chrome on the iPad but not the iPhone. :(