Customers Prefer $300 iPad Mini Over a $200 Google or Amazon Tablet

Mini iPad

Google announcing their Nexus 7 tablet may have an unexpected side effect: it might serve as market research for Apple. When Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt surveyed a group of consumers to ask what kinds of tablets they were most interested in, the results may not be what Google is hoping to hear.

When asked whether they would prefer a $300 7-inch iPad or a $200 7-inch Android tablet, 26.1% responded that they would buy the iPad Mini while only 8.5% indicated that they would be interested in a lower-priced Android model.

I am not sure why these results would come as any surprise to Google –Amazon has a similar “bargain tablet” that faired well out of the gate (due in large part to the holiday season I would suspect) but saw sales taper off soon after the release and subsequent shipment of the units.

The survey also revealed another interesting detail: 34.4% of respondents aren’t interested in a tablet of any size or type. It also appears that the market for tablets with a 10″ screen is still going strong, with 22.9% indicating they would hold out for the larger form factor.

None of these things really matter right now though, given that Apple hasn’t even announced that they are bringing out a smaller version of the iPad (though speculation has them releasing just such a unit sometime later this year). What does matter is the mounting evidence that people are interested in having the choice between larger and smaller tablets, which may mean Apple has to take notice or eventually lose out.

Initial reactions to the new Nexus 7 seem to be very positive with most indicating that the device looks solid and feature-rich for the price and size. We will know soon whether the hype matches the reality as pre-orders for the Nexus have already begun with shipments expected to start in mid-July.

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  • ISeeAppleEverywhere

    Typical b/s Android bashing.

    • Kayla Sonergoran

      Somebody has low self esteem I see. Why is it whenever the iPad beats Android, droidbots get into a hissy fit and must insult every person that dares not treat Android like a God? I guess you are really upset that your Android device sucks and have to make yourself feel better by disparaging the competition.