Apple Wins Patent on Inductive Charging Dock for iOS Devices

Apple was recently granted a patent for an adapter that would enhance the wireless signal integrity, inductive charging circuits and wireless or optical data links for iOS devices.

Patent no. 8,207,906, called “Antenna Insert,” would be a removable insert that could be placed between a portable electronic device and a docking station that includes a media bay and has one or more reradiating antennas integrated into the housing.

Basically, Apple has a patent for a docking station that has a supped up wireless signal antenna. If you’ve ever experienced Wi-Fi lag while trying to watch a video on your iPad, this docking station could help improve data streaming capabilities.

Based on the summary of claims, the docking station would also improve charging speeds through an inductive charge coupling mechanism, making it easier to charge devices of all shapes and sizes without needing a size adapter.

While the description doesn’t make it totally clear what Apple plans to do with this patent, it may be useful for iPad users in the future to have a super-charger docking station with a Wi-Fi signal booster for streaming all those HD-quality movies without having to resort to the 4G network.

[Via: CNet]

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