Take Your iPad Anywhere With the Lapdawg O-Stand

The O-Stand, from Lapdawg, is a tripod-style iPad stand that is a jack of all trades. This stand is able to go anywhere and attach to anything, thanks to four ultra flexible legs and a tiltable neck.

As soon as I saw the O-Stand, I was both intrigued and impressed. I happen to have a flexible tripod for my camera, so I was excited to see how the O-Stand measured up. I put the stand though a series of tests throughout the week, and I’m pleased to say that it turned out to be a handy iPad accessory.

Construction and Packaging

The first thing I noticed about the O-Stand when I removed it from the box was its hefty weight. This is not a light iPad accessory at 2.86 pounds, but it was packed in the box fully assembled, and ultimately, I was impressed at how compact it is able to get.

I’m not sure I could ever return it to its initial position, but it does have the potential to be storable in its original box. Unfolded, this is a fairly large accessory (31.5 inches by 5.9 inches), and not something you will be able to carry around with you on a daily basis. It’s best for the home or office.

The O-Stand is a high-quality piece of equipment with a solid construction. The legs and neck are metallic and strong, and the rubber-lined iPad cradle holds your iPad securely.


Putting the O-Stand together was a bit confusing, so I’ll give you a few tips that will help if you buy one.

The O-Stand comes in two pieces – the neck and the legs, and then the cradle, which is the part that holds the iPad. There are four legs, each with a skid proof foot on the bottom. The legs can be removed with an L-Type Allen wrench, which is included. The wrench is also used to tighten the legs and neck to your specifications.

You can use the O-Stand with one to four legs, and I found that I preferred three legs for most applications. When using one leg, you can twist it into a c-shape for a smaller stand, and as you add more legs, you will be able to wrap them around other objects in almost any configuration for maximum stability.

The cradle that holds the iPad can be customized to any size, and thanks to a bendable neck with a rotatable ball, the iPad can be oriented in 360 degrees. The legs are easy to bend, and it doesn’t take much effort at all to rearrange them.

I had some problems putting the O-Stand together, but ultimately, great customer support helped me figure it out. When connecting the iPad cradle to the stand, it requires quite a bit of force to snap it into place, and when putting the iPad in the cradle, you’ll want to position it carefully to make sure it is secure.


The O-Stand can be used in a number of ways. My favorite usage was wrapped around my desk as a second monitor for my laptop. I also found it useful in the kitchen, when reading in my recliner, and I even tried it out wrapped around the bathtub.

This is not a protective stand, but it does securely hold the iPad. The cradle is adjustable, so you insert the iPad, press down, and lock it in place. As I mentioned before, it can be rotated to any angle imaginable, so combined with the flexible legs, this stand really is able to sit on or wrap around any object.

You can use it in the kitchen, at work as a second monitor, when working on your car, or in any other location. Wherever you need to use your iPad hands free, the O-Stand is the perfect choice.


The O-Stand is a bit pricy, and it’s not the most compact stand, but if you need a hands free solution in a variety of situations, you won’t go wrong with the O-Stand.

I do hope that future versions might include better instructions, but other than a few initial construction issues, I had no problems with this ultra useful stand. I highly suggest taking a look at the O-Stand website to see the myriad of ways that this stand can be used. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.

  • Product Name: O-Stand
  • Manufacturer: Lapdawg
  • Price: $79.99
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