San Diego School District Buys No Less Than 26,000 iPads for Students

Like so many other school districts in the United States, the San Diego Unified School District will be putting iPads into the hands of students this fall.

San Diego’s iPad initiative will be one of the largest in the country, sending 26,000 iPads into 340 classrooms in K-12 schools.

The iPads, which will cost approximately $15 million, will be purchased with Proposition S funding. This measure, which was passed in 2008, sets money aside for up-to-date classroom technology.

There’s no word on what software the iPads will use, but its a good bet that Apple’s iBooks will be utilized in the classroom, taking advantage of the digital textbooks that began rolling out earlier this year.

The district is planning on using entry level iPad 2s, which will cost $370 each, $30 off of the retail price. The iPads will first appear in 5th-grade, 8th-grade, and high school classes this fall.

[via 10News]

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