Kickstarter Project Aims to Improve Your iPad Stand Experience

While there are hundreds of iPad stands on the market for using the iPad in bed, on the couch, and in other situations, none are quite so impressive as the go-anywhere Tablift, a Kickstarter project from Scott Blevins.

The Tablift is a compact iPad stand with four legs that can be manipulated into any position, making it perfect for use in any viewing situation where you need hands-free access to your iPad.

With the Tablift, you can relax on the couch or lay down in bed to read or watch a movie without needing to balance or hold the iPad in place, which can become tiresome. Thanks to the four reposition-able legs, the Tablit remains stable on any surface – even those that are unstable and cushy.

While the Tablift is perfect for use on the couch and in bed, it’s also the perfect desktop stand because you can bend the legs in multiple directions. It works with all three of Apple’s iPads, and can be used in both landscape and portrait modes.

I’ve seen stands similar to the Tablift, but none that are quite so portable. The Tablift’s legs are so flexible that it can be easily transported wherever you take your iPad. It folds down to be slightly smaller than the iPad and is a far more transportable solution than many other iPad stands on the market.

This is one Kickstarter project that I’d love to test out. Its four leg design looks very promising, and since I spend so much time with my iPad, I’m always seeking the best way to use my it comfortably.

Tablift has currently earned half of the funding that it needs to be produced, with 16 days to go. You can pre-order your own on the Tablift Kickstarter page for just $60 for the standard model and $65 for a white stand. The Tablifts are expected to be available in October of 2012.

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