iOS 6 Maps Will Support Yelp Check-Ins

The new Maps application that’s coming in iOS 6 will integrate with Yelp, allowing people to check into the service automatically from within the Maps app.

Users will be able to check in to Yelp without leaving the current map and without needing to log into the dedicated Yelp app, according to screenshots of Yelp check-ins from the SDK that was given to developers earlier this month.

Yelp will also be providing information for local business search, which will allow users to utilize the maps app to find restaurants, businesses, and more, located nearby.

Currently, Yelp check-ins are not as popular as other check-in services provided by Foursquare and Facebook, but the integration with Apple’s maps application could significantly boost usage.

iOS 6, with its accompanying Maps application, is currently available for developers. The OS is expected to be released to the general public this fall.

[via Bloomberg]

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