Music (and ABC) Education For Kids with Jazzy ABC – iPad App Review

Jazzy ABCsYou can pretty much bet that any app starring a cat that plays the saxophone is going to be great out of the gate. Much like the developer’s earlier book A Jazzy Day, Jazzy ABC is a musically delightful way for your child to learn.

With two modes to choose from you can allow your child to learn the alphabet by browsing an illustrated guide with each letter represented (and an instrument that begins with each for them to enjoy and begin spelling the name of) or by playing a game in which they look at a group of instruments and choose the one that begins with the letter identified by the narrator.

There are a lot of great apps out there that will help to teach your child the alphabet, but many are sterile and lack the charm and charisma that this app has. Between the adorable kittens and the whimsical musical stylings, it is very easy to get little ones engaged and ready to learn.

The colors are vivid and bright, the interface is very easy to get the hang of and you will enjoy it as a parent every bit as much as your child does.

Jazzy ABCs Screenshot

What I liked: The audio clips of the sounds made by the instruments are actual recordings being made by professional musicians. This really helps children to learn what particular instruments sound like in a recognizable way.

What I didn’t like: When you are paying the game where you select the instrument that begins with a particular letter, and you select the wrong one –I wish it also told you what letter that one started with (something like: “No, Xylophone starts with an X”).

To buy or not to buy: If you and your child love music and trying to learn the alphabet, this is a great app that you shouldn’t miss out on.


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