Kickstarter Project — modulR, A Whole New iPad Experience

Accessory maker modulR recently announce the upcoming launch of their newest iPad case and mount system. Instead of trying to find a bank that will invest in this amazing new idea, the company is looking to you for help getting this product onto store shelves. For the next 27 days, you’ll have the opportunity to be one of the first to get your hands on the new Tough Case, Swing Mount and Swing Mount Pro.

Just as the name of the company suggests, modulR’s line of iPad accessories is intended to become an ever-expanding line of products that are interchangeable with each other so you don’t have to give up your favorite case in order to get a new mount. If you already have a slim case, don’t worry. The new Swing Mount and Swing Mount Pro will fit seamlessly with any previously released modulR case.

The Swing Mount is a mounted display stand that offers a viewing angle with 360 degrees of swivel and 180 degrees of rotation. Simply slide the iPad into place and pull the lever closed. The mount is extremely stable due to a wider footprint and “high-torque” hinges and you can mount your iPad anywhere because of the low-profile design.

The Swing Mount Pro offers the same design as the regular stand, but with the added security of a locking mechanism to keep your iPad from “walking away” with someone else. Now, high school classrooms can have iPads mounted to each student’s desk without the fear of being taken from the classroom.

ModulR is also presenting a Kickstarter investment in their newest case, the Tough Case. This new design takes all the great features of their original Slim Case and makes it, well… tougher. It is made with a hard outer shell, and ergonomic grips. It features a forward-facing sound port, a free hand strap and, of course, will be compatible with all modulR accessories.

You can pre-order the Tough Case and Swing Mounts in a variety of packages from modulR’s Kickstarter page, but you can find out more about the company, including how to order a pre-existing product, directly from their website.

The Tough Case, plus a cover stand and hand strap costs $69.99. The Swing Mount and Swing Mount Pro are both $49.99. You can also preorder a variety of systems, including the “Secure It” package, which includes both the Tough Case with stand and the Swing Mount Pro, for only $109.

Visit modulR’s Kickstarter page today to see which interchangeable system you want.

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