Keeping Your iPad Charged for a Year Costs Less Than a Cup of Coffee

According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), it costs just $1.36 per year for consumers to charge their iPads every other day, which is shockingly inexpensive.

When charging, each model of the iPad uses less than 12 kWh over the course of an entire year. A 42” plasma TV, on the other hand, consumes 358 kWh during a year. Who knew Apple’s devices were so green?

Of course, costs will vary by location, but the iPad is still drawing an extremely low amount of power while it charges. Surprisingly, the iPhone draws even less – a mere 2.2 kWh per year, which adds up to less than a dollar.

The EPRI has calculated that all of the iPads on the market on average use about 590 gigawatt hours, and went on to figure out that in a scenario where the number of iPads tripled over the next two years, the energy required to operate all of them would equate to two 250-megawatt power plants operating at 50 percent.

These calculations don’t take into account increasing battery power. Apple’s newest iPad draws 66 percent more power than earlier models, but it’s still a minute number.

Other products analyzed included laptop PCs which consumed 72.3 kWh of electricity per year at a cost of $8.31, and 60W CFL light bulbs, which consumed 14 kWh of electricity at a cost of $1.61.

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