Padcaster Turns iPad into a Mobile Filmmaking Studio

Padcaster is a new iPad accessory that transforms the tablet into a mobile production studio, allowing users shoot, edit, and share high-quality video footage right on the iPad.

The Padcaster, which has been designed for professional and amateur videographers alike, is the perfect platform for creating videos on the iPad with its aluminum frame and professional-style form.

Padcaster’s aluminum frame has a urethane insert to hold the iPad securely, and the threaded holes alongside the edges of the frame allow filmmakers to attach external mics, lights, and other necessary accessories.

There’s a standard ¼-20 screw thread with a locking-pin design centered on the bottom of the Padcaster to let users attach it to a professional tripod, monopod, or shoulder mount for easy filming. The frame is also able to be used as a standalone DSLR cage, with the DSLR attached to the cage along with other accessories.

The Padcaster may sound like a complicated piece of equipment, but while it is able to shoot professional style video with the iPad, it’s also a great solution for home videographers filming a sporting event or a birthday party.

The Padcaster is currently available for pre-order on the Padcaster website at the special introductory price of $149, and can be purchased with its sister accessory, the Lenscaster (used to attach lenses to the iPad) for $189. The Padcaster will start shipping in early August.

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