Chillingo Goes Old School with ‘The Act’ – a 2D Animated Adventure

Chillingo’s newest game, The Act, hit the App Store this morning. This interactive adventure game is unique for its entirely hand-drawn 2-D graphics, which make it look like an old school animated movie.

The movie look is amazing, and the storyline sounds great as well. In The Act, players will take on the role of Edgar, a window washer, in a quest to rescue his brother, save his job, and score the woman of his dreams.

The Act has carefully designed controls that allow players to control Edgar’s actions and emotions with swiping, plus detailed character animations with quite a bit of humor thrown in.

Thanks to its stunning 2D visuals, The Act isn’t quite like anything else in the App Store, and it demonstrates what can happen when professional animators team up with game designers.

Want to check it out? The Act can currently be downloaded in the App Store, for just $2.99.

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