NY Post Quietly Drops Block on iPad Access in Safari

Almost exactly one year ago, The New York Post denied access to its website for iPad user through the mobile Safari web browser. It was called “the most egregious paywall yet” by Tech writer Nicholas Jackson of The Atlantic.

At a time when news organizations were trying to figure out how to make money off of iPad users, The NY Post decided to force them to pay for a subscription or not be able to access the site at all. There were plenty of ways around the problem. Access to the website by another browser, like Opera, was allowed. However, the media organization’s decision to restrict iPad users was unappreciated and short-lived.

Today, NY Convergence has reported that The Post has lifted the mobile Safari access restriction.

Previously, visitors to nypost.com from Safari on the iPad would redirect readers to a prompt for downloading the website’s app and ultimately blocked from using the site. Today, fans of The NY Post will get a pop-up message, but clicking “cancel” will grant iPad users full access.

The New York Times allows iPad users only 10 articles per month, per device. According to a test run of about 25 articles, Forbes is reporting that there doesn’t appear to be a story quota at all for the NY Post.

When the iPad first came out, news and media outlets were hoping that the new tablet technology would be the savior of the industry. By the time The NY Post installed their paywall, tablets were a big hit, but news organizations had yet to figure out a way to make money off of it. Since then, ad revenue research has improved the way the industry looks at tablets and the introduction of Apple’s Newsstand app has prompted an increase in ipad readership.

The reason behind why the NY Post decided to lift the restriction is unknown, but it is possible that time has proven that it is better to give than to receive in this digitally driven market. With well-placed ads, websites could generate more revenue than with a forced subscription.

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