Fotopedia Leverages Apps for New iPad Ad Model

Fotopedia, known for its gorgeous photo apps, has implemented a new ad model that will display what it claims are well-designed, relevant ads to its audience of 12 million users.

Partnering with Flipboard, National Geographic, and Jetsetter, the company says the ads are non-intrusive and “stunning,” with click through rates of up to 10 percent.

Fotopedia says the app has the ability to target an audience by geography, interest, language, or device type to deliver high impact ads to consumers. The new ad model has been designed for the iPad, to take advantage of its large screen real estate

As a fan of Fotopedia’s apps, I am eager to see the impact the new ads will have on the content. Hopefully these ads will not be overly intrusive and take away from the gorgeous photographs found within the apps.

Have you seen Fotopedia’s new ads? What do you think?


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