Court Finds Apple Must Pay Samsung for iPad and iPhone Patent Infringement

Samsung has just received a “leg up” in its patent war with Apple. Dutch courts have recently ruled in favor of the Galaxy Tab maker, saying that Apple has infringed on some of its Internet connection patents. Samsung-1, Apple-…

Is anyone keeping track of who is winning this war anymore?

According to Reuters, a court in The Hague ruled that Apple had violated Samsung’s Internet connection patents with the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, as well as the first-generation iPad and the iPad 2.

The judge in this case stated that damages should be based on Dutch sales figures since August 4, 2010, which is the date when the court determined that was proven that Apple knew it was violating Samsung’s patent.

This ruling does not mean that Apple can no longer sell its devices in the Netherlands. In fact, a ruling last October in Dutch courts denied Samsung’s request for an injunction because the technology was considered standards-based under FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory) licensing regulations. Samsung will get compensation for devices sold in the Netherlands, but Apple will be able to continue selling its “patent-infringing” devices for as long as it likes.

The next big hearing between Apple and Samsung is set for July 30, when U.S. courts will decide whether one company infringed on another’s patents or not. The CEOs of both companies were recently court-ordered to discuss an out-of-court settlement, but neither Tim Cook, nor Choi Gee-Sung were willing to compromise on the matter.

Samsung’s win in Dutch courts may be a prelude to the outcome of the U.S. ruling. It is possible that Samsung will win some money from Apple for infringing on Internet connection patents, but it is also possible that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be banned entirely from sales in the U.S. for “slavishly copying” the design of the iPad.

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