Square Releases Loyalty Programs, Updates Register for iPad

Mobile payment company Square recently announced a new loyalty program that’s available to businesses. Under the loyalty program, companies are able to give virtual cards to shoppers using the Pay with Square app for iOS and Android.

Visits to each shop will earn a stamp on the shop card, giving rewards like discounts and free goods to consumers.

In addition to the loyalty program, the Pay with Square app was updated to make it easier for iOS users to search for businesses that use Square for payment processing.

The Square Register app for the iPad, designed for use by businesses, was also updated to add item categorization, customizable percent and dollar discounts, and new in-app reporting to track sales trends.

If you run a small business, you can download Square Register for free, though there is a fee for each transaction. If you’re a customer, downloading Pay with Square will allow you to use your phone to make payments anywhere Square is accepted.

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  • Simon Baer

    While the rewards function is neat, square seems to be ignoring far more pressing needs from those who use the Square Register.
    1. No ability to add tender keys- Your only options for accepting payment are Cash, Card and if people have square pay, through their phones. What about all the other ways people pay for goods? Gift Cards, Vouchers, etc.? We could work around this but…
    2. You cannot search Discount Items – We had the cleaver idea of just adding a 100% discount called “Gift Cards”. The annoying thing is that you can search your transaction list by item name, but not by discount name (which just doesn’t make any sense to me)

    I don’t understand how they can implement this whole rewards program and all these other functions but ignore some really basic register functions that you can program on any register from the past 30 years. Square Register is a step in the right direction but I think most small businesses will need something more sophisticated for Ipads to be practical as a POS or Register.