Popular iOS Game ‘Draw Something’ Making it to CBS Pilot Show

What is with all of these casual mobile games getting movie and television offers? I can see why someone might want to make a movie about N.O.V.A., but who is interested in a feature-length film about flinging birds into unbalanced buildings, or a TV show about… drawing things?

According to Deadline, CBS has picked up an unscripted pilot based on OMGPOP, now Zynga’s, Draw Something. It sounds like the idea will be some sort of game show. Executively produced by Ryan Seacrest and Michael Davies, the show will consist of “teams of celebrities and everyday users that will test their skills in front of a studio audience to earn money and big laughs.”

Viewers at home will also be able to play along. Presumably, this will be similar to being able to vote for your favorite pop singer or aspiring dancer, except you actually have the chance to win prizes.

CBS has had a tradition of picking up unusual pop culture references. The TV network also bought the rights to turn the Twitter feed, S@*t My Dad Says into a comedy series. What’s next, a drama based on the life of a Facebook meme?

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  • http://Denverbroncos.com/ Virgil Cole

    There have been game shows like this before so don’t sound so shocked.

    “Win, Lose, or Draw” was on for a couple seasons using this same premise. Celebrities drawing against each other trying to win money for the common folk.

    Except they still drew on paper back then!