New Verizon FiOS Quantum Revealed, Get Ready to Stream!

We recently told you about Verizon’s plans to increase their upload/download speed for data users with their FiOS higher speed Internet plans. Well, grab your hat and your six-shooter and meet at the center of town at high noon because today, the company goes live with the fastest streaming in the West.

Verizon is bragging that you’ll be able to download a two-hour HD movie in just over two minutes. FiOS Quantum will let users stream games with little or no lag time and share photos with friends and family through uploads “faster than ever before.” You will also be able to use up to 14 devices simultaneously with the plan’s fiber optic connection without losing streaming speed.

Verizon’s plans range from $64.99 per month for a base speed of 15/5Mbps with a two-year contract, up to a whopping $204.99 per month for the super, ultra high-speed 300/65Mbps plan with a two-year contract. Users can choose to go month to month with Verizon, but it will cost $5 extra.

If you are interested in having Verizon FiOS Quantum in your home, visit the company’s website. The first thing you should do is check to see if the service is available to you. It would be a shame to raise your hopes of a lag-less data streaming future, only for you to discover that Verizon services aren’t available in your area.

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