Mozilla Devs Reinventing Tablet Browser for iOS

Everyone has a favorite web browser. Some prefer Apple’s proprietary Safari to visit websites. Some prefer Chrome. There are even a few die hards who still surf with Internet Explorer.

For those who are loyalists to Mozilla, your life just got better. The company recently showed off a mobile version of Firefox, being dubbed “Junior,” for tablet devices.

According to The Verge, Mozilla’s Product Design Strategy team demonstrated a prototype for their iPad browser last Thursday. Mozilla’s Alex Limi explained that the company has been working on Junior for the past several months. “We wanted to make something entirely new,” said Limi. “We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor.”

The iPad is fast becoming the most popular way to surf the Internet. It is just a matter of time before there will be more mobile browsing consumers than desktop computer users. Limi says that Junior was born out of necessity. Mozilla has, “no vehicle on one of the biggest consumer platforms in the world.”

According to The Verge, the design of Mozilla Junior will be a full-screen window with no tabs. Instead, there is a back arrow on the left side of the screen about a third of the way up and a plus button on the right side. The plus button is where most of the browser interaction will take place. Tapping the plus button will let you view your most recent page visits, favorite and bookmarked sites, and a URL bar at the bottom for typing in a webpage address. A search query will populate results over the top of the favorite sections so that users don’t have to leave the home screen interface.

Mozilla will allow multiple users have separate accounts for households that share an iPad. You will also be able to enable private browsing and have a password for blocking browser history from unwanted snoopers.

There is no information at this time as to when Junior will be available, but we can be sure that the company is working hard to get a mobile browser ready for use as soon as possible.

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