Steve Jobs Gave Suggestions to Obama’s Mobile Campaign Staff for Reelection

According to the newest issue of Bloomberg, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, tips on how to use mobile technology and social networking during Obama’s reelection campaign.

Messina says that he had two private conversations with Jobs in 2011, where Jobs explained to Messina how he could take advantage of technology to reach new voters.

When Obama first ran for office, there was no iPhone or iPad. Tablets had barely made an appearance in the mobile market, and smart phones were just beginning to catch on.

Mobile technology has evolved rapidly in the last few years, and Jobs wanted to make sure that Messina understood and was prepared to use the changes to Obama’s advantage.

“Last time you were programming only a couple of channels,” Jobs allegedly told Messina. “This time, you have to program content to a much wider variety of channels – Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Google – because people are segmented in a very different way than they were four years ago.”

Apparently, Jobs went into detail about what the White House was doing wrong and what it should be doing differently in terms of technology.

Jobs also explained to Messina how to generate interest using viral online marketing, and told him that content needed to be both “interesting and clean.”

In addition to Jobs, Messina spike with representatives from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, DreamWorks, Zynga, and Salesforce in order to get tips on social media.

Jobs was a supporter of Obama. Before the launch of the iPad 2, Jobs personally gave the president one of the tablets, and Obama reciprocated by inviting Jobs to a conference with other Silicon Valley executives. Obama also went on to mention Jobs in his State of the Union address earlier this year.

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