Survey Shows iPad Still Top Tablet for Web Browsing

According to the newest Chitika Survey, the iPad is still the number one tablet used for browsing the web. 91.07 percent of all tablet web traffic comes from the iPad, and though that marks a slight drop from its 94.64 percent share of web traffic in May, it is still leagues beyond every other tablet on the market.

The next closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy, is responsible for 1.77 percent of web traffic and represents 1.94 devices per 100 iPads, which is how the study was measured.

The Acer Iconia, the Toshiba Thrive, and the Asus Transformer take the next three spots with just over one device per 100 iPads. The Nook, the Xoom, and the Kindle Fire are all slightly under one device per 100 iPads.

Interestingly enough, Barnes & Noble’s Nook has become a more popular web browsing tool than Amazon’s Kindle. The Nook accounts for 0.85 percent of all tablet web traffic, while the Kindle Fire accounts for just 0.71 percent.

Thus far, the iPad has had no serious competition, but that could change as new players enter the market. Windows 8 tablets are expected to be released this year, and Microsoft’s tablets could potentially provide Apple’s iPad with its first true competitor.

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