Kindle iOS and Cloud Reader Apps Now Support Children’s Books and Comics

Amazon recently updated their e-reader app for iOS and Cloud Reader to support colorful, graphic children’s books and comics. Now, iPad owners have access to thousands more titles from Amazon’s vast library of books.

Today, Amazon updated its e-reader app specifically for iPad users, incorporating graphically illustrated content so that iOS tablet owners can read children’s books, comics and graphic novels. Amazon is boasting over 1,000 children’s book titles in their collection. Previously, this feature was only accessible on the Kindle Fire.

In addition to support for illustrated books, the Kindle e-reader for iPad also has a redesigned layout. The margins are smaller and the menu has been moved to the top.

For all iOS devices, version 3.1 has updated the search feature and fixed issues that the Google and Wikipedia lookup feature was having. This update has been added to the Android app and the web browser Cloud Reader as well.

This update is great news for iPad owners. It was practically a waste of time reading Amazon books on the iPad since we have such an amazing display screen. Giving iOS an illustration boost will generate a lot more revenue for Amazon and a lot more books for iPad users.

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