iOS 6: iTunes Match Now Supports Music Streaming on iPad and iPhone

If you’re an iTunes Match user, you’re probably aware that currently, while the service allows people to play songs as they download, there’s no true music streaming functionality in iOS.

That’s set to change in iOS 6. In the beta, iTunes Match is a fully functioning streaming service. Users are able to download or stream their songs, and streaming has become the default playback choice.

Previously, iTunes Match required music to be downloaded onto the iPad or the iPhone in order to play it. Songs chosen from the library were cached on the device, but in iOS 6, they are streamed instead, freeing up valuable storage real estate.

This is fantastic news for those of you who are already iTunes Match customers, and for those of you who aren’t, iOS 6 will give you the perfect reason to pick it up. Songs will no longer eat up those precious gigabytes, making iTunes Match a much more appealing service.

iTunes Match is $24.99 per year, and it matches the songs in your iTunes Library to the iTunes Music Store. iTunes Match for iOS 6 is currently available for developers, and will be released to the general public this fall.

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