Sources Say Apple to Kill Ping in Next Major iTunes Release

Do you Ping? Did you even sign up for the social networking service when it was first released by Apple in 2010? Do you care that it is about to be swept into the garbage? Neither does Apple. The unsuccessful social music network will be no more, once iOS 6 becomes available this fall.

According to AllThingsD, sources close to the company say that Ping will be gone when iOS 6 is released. At that point, Apple will shift all social networking services for iTunes to Twitter and Facebook, something that would have helped long ago.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, spoke delicately on the subject of Ping at this year’s AllThingsD (D10) conference in May. “We tried Ping, and I think the customers voted and said ‘This isn’t something that I want to put a lot of energy into,’” Cook said.  The customers surely did vote. They voted that service right off the island.

This news comes as no surprise. I don’t know anyone that actively shares music information through Ping. The social networking service is less social and more consumer-based. Apple never really got the hang of what makes a social networking service tick. It is difficult to find friends. The only place it is usable is through iTunes directly. There is no third-party accessibility for developers to create a fun way to explore and display their Ping feed. You can tell your friends, if you can find them, what they should buy, but that is about all you can do with Ping.

Now, with the help of Facebook and Twitter in the upcoming iOS 6 update, users will be able to share what they are discovering in a way that is more familiar, convenient and socially acceptable to the average networker.

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