Apple Sneaks in New iPad Smart Case

With all the hubbub about iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion, and the all new Retina-equipped MacBook Pro at today’s WWDC keynote, a few smaller Apple updates went unannounced.

Among those is an all new iPad Smart Case, which is a Smart Cover with additional back protection, covering the entirety of the device.

The cases are all polyurethane, and come in six different colors, including light gray, dark gray, blue, green, pink, and red.

Case makers everywhere likely had a bad day after they stumbled across the new Smart Case in the Apple Store, because it’s the perfect iPad casing solution. Total protection in a slim, affordable package.

I currently have a Smart Cover with an Incipio Feather protecting the back of my iPad, which cost me upwards of $70. That same basic set up from Apple can now be purchased for just $49, directly from the Apple Store. The Smart Case is available for immediate purchase, so head on over to the website if you want to pick one up.

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