PQI Air Card – An Alternative Way to Wirelessly Access Your Camera’s Photos

There are a few ways to get photos from your camera directly onto your iPad, including the Eye-Fi card and Apple’s Camera Connection Kit, but the card provides notoriously slow and spotty service, and the Camera Kit requires you to carry around additional bulky hardware.

The New PQI Air Card might be a good solution for those of you who want to transfer the photos from your camera to your iDevice both wirelessly and painlessly, because it creates a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot whenever you plug it into your camera.

PQI’s tiny new SD card sets up an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connection, which will automatically send the photos and videos on your camera’s memory card to an app or a web interface. The Air Card, unlike its competitors, has a microSD slot for swapping out storage.

Access to unlimited storage via microSD is a handy feature, because you can fill up one memory card, transfer it, swap it out for another, and keep the first microSD as a back up.

When paired up, the SD Air Card is able to send photos and videos directly to the iPad, even while you continue to shoot with your camera. Whenever the card is plugged into a camera it turns on the Wi-Fi, which is a major battery drain, according to The Verge.

However, you can manually turn Wi-Fi off for longer photo sessions, and turn it back on when you need to upload. A shorter battery life is a small price to pay for hassle free photo transferring!

The new Air Card from PQI isn’t available yet, but the company is planning to go into production soon. Price is currently unavailable, but it will likely be in line with other Wi-Fi card options which start at just $40.

[via The Verge]

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  • billybethel

    Apple’s camera connectin kit is bulky hardware? Have you even used it? It’s tiny. How can I believe anything about your article when the one thing I do know was not true?

  • zgryfx

    I like it. Having the PQI Air Card inside the camera keeps it safer and less likely to be lost than the connection kit. I have an Eye Fi also and always had issues with the card. I tend to shoot RAW photos and the transfer rates are too slow. Connectivity is spotty and changing devices requires a reconfig using a laptop. Hope the PQI has better usability.