WWDC ’12 Rumors Roundup


The wait to find out what Apple has in store for us at WWDC 2012 is nearly over. With the keynote set to be delivered tomorrow morning, the latest round of rumors will be validated (or not), giving us the opportunity to start anew afterward.

What can we expect (hope for)?


  • iOS 6 – For once, Apple hasn’t made the entire contents of their event keynote a well-guarded secret and confirmed that iOS 6 will be a huge part of their 2012 developer event. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we have a clear idea of what will be included in the next version of their flagship mobile operating system but it is likely that we will see a new native mapping application but we are also hoping for better Facebook integration, Siri for the iPad (not to mention open access to the Siri APIs for developers) and even more integration with iCloud.
  • OS X Mountain Lion – This is another no-brainer with Apple having released it in beta earlier this year. This new version of OS X is beginning to bridge the gap between MAC OS and iOS with
    features we’ve all been hoping for like Notification Center, Messages, Reminders, Game Center, and Airplay.
  • iCloud – Tim Cook has established that Apple and iCloud are a combo with legs and with that particular vested interest includes feature adds like iOS apps like notes and reminders as well as sharing options for your content (like photos).


  • iPhone – Some have wished and hoped for an iPhone at this event, and leaked videos suggest it could happen… but I think this is a long shot and an unlikely one at that.
  • iPad Mini – This would be a fun one, and definitely something new and exciting –but the iPad 3 is still very new and it seems a little too soon. Given the likely market for these devices, a launch closer to the holiday season seems far more likely.
  • MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air – Amidst a sea of leaked part numbers we are poised for a new lineup of Mac hardware. There aren’t a lot of details regarding what kinds of upgrades we can expect, but I think it’s safe to assume that there will be better displays and more memory all around. (with it having been a while since a Time Capsule update there may be a new model with increased capacity as well)
  • Apple TV – The most circulated Apple-related rumor lately is over the supposed television solution that Steve Jobs had in store for us. We know that there is some kind of television related something, but what? I’m still voting on an evolution of the Apple TV that is still an add-on rather than a display on its own. Motion detection (gesture to change channels perhaps?), Siri for voice recognition and maybe even FaceTime are likely features of an updated Apple TV –but with the latest iteration only a few months old it seems pretty unlikely that this is one of the announcements from this next event (though wouldn’t it be interesting if Apple released a first-version television ‘operating system’ for developers to start playing around with).

I think the only way Apple could disappoint us tomorrow is if the only announcements are surrounding the leaked details we already know. The best part of an Apple keynote is always the element of surprise and that ‘one last thing’. (Please!)

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