Apple to Introduce New App Tracking Tool to Better Protect iOS Users Privacy

Developers and advertisers used to have access to iOS users’ UDIDs, the unique device identifiers that allowed each individual iOS device to be tracked, but Apple began phasing out that access back in 2011, and began rejecting some apps that used the UDID earlier this year.

That left many advertising companies and developers in the lurch, without a way to keep track of user activity within apps. As a solution, Apple is planning to release new tools to help developers with tracking the usage of their apps while protecting user privacy.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new tools are specifically designed to provide greater privacy than previous tracking methods while still giving developers a way to track who is using their software.

It’s unclear how the technology works, but one source said that the new anonymous identifier will consist of a sequence of numbers that is not tied to a specific device.

There is no information on when these new tools might become available to developers, but Apple might be planning to release more information at the Worldwide Developers Conference next week.

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