iPad and iPhone Bring Over 40-Percent of Google’s Mobile Profits, Over $1.6 Billion


People generally think of Google and Apple only as competitors, but they actually do make money for each other as well. In fact, Google stands to make 2% of their revenue from 2012 because of iOS. Senior Analyst Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray addressed investors on Wednesday, indicating that his estimates have Google raking in “some $4.5 billion in mobile revenue over the year, $500 million from display and $4 billion from search, and Apple’s iOS platform is set to be one of the biggest contributors.”

If figures are correct, iOS accounts for around 40% of Google’s mobile profits which translatest to a meager $1.6 billion. This new estimate is actually more conservative than others before it as well, with some placing iOS-based mobile profits for Google at closer to 80%.

The good news for Google is that Apple making the move away from using their Maps app shouldn’t affect those mobile revenue numbers. The benefits to doing that may be great (increased interactivity with the maps software, especially for other Apple apps and products like Siri as one example) and it will serve to decrease Google’s presence on iOS based devices –but not in a way that was making them much money anyway.

Munster also guesses that Google Maps will remain an app store option for those who prefer the familiar over the new (and let’s face it, we haven’t seen what Apple has to offer yet so it is difficult to say where it succeeds and fails). Of course this won’t be possible if Apple deems that Google Maps replicates features from their native iOS app, but rejecting it may be seen as a very unpopular move politically speaking.

Expectations across the industry say that Google is likely working on several other apps for Apple’s App Store (including an iOS version of their Chrome web browser) so I don’t think we have to worry that we won’t be seeing that colorful logo on our iPhone and iPad devices any time soon.

If I get one wish, it would be for an actual Google Talk client for iOS —Google, if you are out there listening, can you please add that to your list?

[via AppleInsider]

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