Free iPads Coming to Major Airports Near You

Major airports have become increasingly user friendly, with the addition of shops, spas, restaurants, and bars to keep us entertained while we wait for flights, and soon three North American airports will have even more entertainment options – approximately 2500 iPads that will be made available for use by waiting travelers.

LaGuardia in New York, Minneapolis-St.Paul International in Minnesota, and Toronto Pearson International in Canada will all be adding iPads to select terminals.

While the service is somewhat limited with each iPad coming equipped with just basic apps for web browsing, playing games, shopping online, and a few more tasks, the entire experience will be provided for free to airport patrons by OTG Management, a company that typically runs airport eateries.

The iPads will be tethered to a table to prevent theft, and the software will be limited, but hey, a restricted iPad is better than no iPad at all, right?

First and foremost, the iPads will feature a flight tracking app that lets fliers know how much time is left before a flight, which will go on to suggest nearby restaurants if a wait is more than 30 minutes, or a quick grab-and-go place if there are less than 30 minutes remaining.

OTG Management is also offering a custom shopping experience, allowing customers to order items from nearby shops right on the iPad and have them delivered to the gate. iPads connected to tables will double as charging stations, so people will be able to charge their own computers, phones, and other electronic devices as well.

There are already iPads installed in New York’s JFK airport in terminals 2 and 3 and LaGuardia’s Terminal D, but iPads will be added soon to the three airports mentioned above, and if successful, the program will be rolled out to even more airports over the next 12 to 18 months.

[via GigaOM]

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