Facebook App Center Makes its Debut on iPhone and iPad

App Center, Facebook’s solution to Apple’s App Store, is currently in testing and has been made available to some mobile Facebook users.

If you’re one of these lucky users, you will notice the “App Center” tab in the navigation menu of the app, which is where you will find an all new one-stop shop for Facebook and Facebook-integrated apps.

App Center, which functions much like the App Store, provides app recommendations based on popularity as well as picks from both Facebook editors and a user’s friends.

As described by TechCrunch, the App Center features a left-handed navigation menu within the iOS app that houses all of a user’s apps. Apps that have unread notifications can be found in the top section, and the App Center itself offers Android, iOS, HTML 5, and desktop apps. Tapping on a desired app will allow users to access Apple’s App Store or other marketplaces to acquire the apps.

Facebook’s App Center stands to benefit both Facebook and Apple, as it will provide users with a curated list of Apple’s best and most popular iOS apps. Apple is planning to announce Facebook integration in iOS 6 at WWDC next week, which will make the App Center an even more valuable tool.

App Center will be launched officially in the next few weeks, but until then, if you’re one of the lucky testers, let us know what you think of the new app hub.

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