Baidu to be Added as a Search Engine Option on iPad and iPhone in China

I know this may come as a shock to you ardent Google users, but while Google may be the most popular web browser in America, that’s not the case in other countries, like China.

Instead of using Google, approximately 80 percent of Chinese citizens use Baidu, so its no surprise that Apple has decided to add Baidu as an integrated search engine in iOS in an attempt to increase its user base in the country.

According to two anonymous sources who spoke to Bloomberg, Baidu’s addition to iOS is expected to be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which is set to begin on June 11 in San Francisco.

In addition to gaining new customers, Apple’s deal with Baidu also provides an alternative to Google. Apple has been transitioning away from Google’s services in iOS, most recently planning a move away from Google Maps.

Of course, Apple isn’t eschewing Google entirely. Bloomberg reports that while Baidu will be an option in iOS, Google will likely remain the default search engine.

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