Pong Releases iPad Case That Boosts Signal Strength And Reduces Radiation Exposure

Accessory maker Pong Research Corporation just announced the release of a new iPad case that, not only protects the device, but boosts its 4G and Wi-Fi reception, improves signal strength, download and upload speeds, and increases its range. An added bonus, this fancy new case will also reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), if you’re worried about something like that.

The case was tested through independent laboratory tests certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that shows that their new case enables the iPad to deliver up to a 10X increase in cellular signal strength over any other. It also improves Wi-Fi reception up to 9X over other cases and increases the range by 2X.

Pong’s New iPad Case was developed by a team of scientists. It features a multi-patented antenna system that passively interacts with the electromagnetic field generator of the iPad’s antennas and redirects and optimizes the EMR that might otherwise be absorbed by the user’s body.

According to Pong Research Corporation, the new iPad is subject to FCC regulation that requires a proximity sensor to be installed that is activated when the iPad is next to the body. When triggered, the iPad lowers its cellular and Wi-Fi signals. The sensor cannot distinguish between cases and the human body, so if your iPad is in a case, it might be lowering the device’s signal strength. Pong’s New iPad Case won’t set off the sensor, but is specially designed to protect from EMR exposure.

Each case features a protective Lexan polycarbonate back and leather-touch cover design. The origami style cover can be folded into six different configurations and has an automatic wake/sleep function that activates when the cover is opened or closed.

The case is available for both the Wi-Fi only model and Wi-Fi+ 4G model from the company’s website starting at $119.99.

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