Had an Accident with Your iPad? No Problem, Check Out Worth Ave Group

Last summer, my iPad 2 had a run in with a picture that fell off of the wall. My iPad was in a case, but said case was open, and the picture landed directly on the screen, shattering it into hundreds of pieces.

I immediately panicked, and my thoughts immediately went to replacement costs. I ended up being lucky enough to have Apple replace it for free, but this was before the changes to AppleCare, and now the company no longer does the one time replacement.

So those of you who are worried about dropping or damaging your iPad in some way are right to be worried. AppleCare doesn’t cover everything and you can only have your iPad replaced twice with a fee – if you’re extra accident prone, you’ll need an alternative.

The Worth Ave. Group is a company that can provide that alternative. It insures all kinds of electronic devices and covers theft, fire, earthquakes, and all accidental damage, with no replacement limits.

While AppleCare costs $99 up front and $49 for each replacement, Worth Ave. Group costs $20 to $50 per year with a $25 or $50 deductible, which is quite a bit more affordable than AppleCare, if you don’t need more than a year or two of coverage.

Interested in checking it out? You can visit the Worth Ave. Group website to get more information on the plans or to purchase one.

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