Gather Treasure, Snag Power Ups and Smash Enemies in Mega Run for iPad

Endless running games like Temple Run, Tiny Wings, and Whale Trail have proven to be ultra popular with iOS users because of their casual pick up and play nature, so it’s no surprise that when the hit game Mega Jump, from Get Set Games, was transformed into an platform-style endless runner, it shot up to the top of the App Store charts in a matter of days.

Mega Run, as the new game is entitled, features the same adorable characters and crisp, colorful graphics that made Mega Jump such a hit, as well as an all new storyline that will have players addicted to the game in no time.

In Mega Run, Redford’s (the title character) brother and sister have been snatched by an awful monster, and whisked far away. Redford must journey through multiple worlds and challenges to track them down, which is where the game begins.

As in all endless runners, Redford will run through the stage continuously, and it’s your job to control when he jumps in order to collect coins and gems, avoid obstacles, and defeat monsters.

The controls are one touch, which is the main reason that casual games like this have been so successful. Jumping is done with a simple tap on the screen, and a longer tap on the screen executes a higher jump.

Those are the only controls that you need to know, so you can leap right into playing with no learning curve. As Redford runs, you will need to jump from platform to platform, as well as jump up to avoid obstacles like impassable blocks and enemies.

The levels, which are all different, are lined with coins and gems. There are three different gems in each level, and the goal is to collect them all, as well as the coins, for the maximum score.

There’s plenty of treasure to be had, and there are plenty of monsters to stomp. To defeat monsters, Redford will need to jump up and land on their heads, sending them into oblivion.

Mega Run also has an array of power ups, that turn Redford invincible or morph him into a giant, allowing him to stomp through the level destroying everything in sight. There’s also a magnet that draws all coins to him, plus tons of other bonuses that are unlocked as you progress through the game. You can unlock power ups early with in-app purchases.

There are also new characters to unlock, which become available as you level up, or when you purchase them in the app. The coins that you gather in the game can’t be used in place of the in-app currency, but you can use them to purchase power ups and to add the new characters to your game.

You can earn free cash by liking Get Set Games on Facebook or following them on Twitter, as well as by completing tasks like watching videos of apps, but none of this is necessary to play the game.

All in all, Mega Run is an addictive endless runner with non-stop super fun action and plenty of gameplay. In addition to four worlds with 64 stages, there are also Game Center leaderboards to top and achievements to earn.

What I liked: This game is entirely free to play, and you can unlock all of the items in the game just by playing. You don’t need to purchase currency in the app to play, though it can make the game easier and more fun by unlocking gameplay elements early.

What I didn’t like: I’ve read that some people have experienced crashing issues with this game, but I had no problems on the third generation iPad. I also had no complaints – this is a solid game that does freemium right.

To buy or not to buy: Mega Run is free, so there’s no reason not to download it and give it a try.

  • App Name: Mega Run
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Get Set Games
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

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