Rumor of the Day: iPad Mini to Hit Store Shelves in September

Is the iPad Mini going to be Apple’s ‘next big thing’? The purported debut of a 7.85 inch iPad remains the subject of ceaseless media speculation, though Apple has yet to confirm or deny the incessant rumor.

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White offered a nugget of encouragement to iPad Mini watchers when he reported that, according to his Taiwanese Supply Chain sources, Apple will have an ‘exciting’ September.

Before we all get too excited, remember that Apple is likely to release the next iteration of the iPhone in September, something that certainly qualifies as exciting to many consumers, so this tip doesn’t really tell us anything new.

If the iPad Mini debuts in September, it will likely have the same 1,024-by-768-pixel screen resolution as the first-generation iPad and iPad 2. Not only would this resolution allow apps to run without modification (a bonus for developers and consumers), but it would also mean that the device could be branded as possessing a Retina display.

Many questions about the iPad Mini remain unanswered. Will an iPad Mini cannibalize the market for the larger device? The public’s appetite for tablet devices borders on insatiable. Will the iPad Mini attract hold outs who want a cheaper device or will current owners snap one up as well? One thing seems near certain. Apple’s release of a smaller, cheaper tablet may darken the 2013 holiday season for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

[via Apple Insider]

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