New Verizon FiOS Plans Coming June 17th


We had a tease late last month from Verizon stating that there would be new FiOS Internet plans featuring higher speeds. This news did not give us any details on what to expect, though a bunch of training materials created for staff were leaked and now we have the answers!

The cost of the base base 15 / 5Mbps offered by Verizon will be increasing in price from $54.99 per month to $64.99 per month. Fortunately this jump in price isn’t consistent across the other plans, with their new 50/25 plan (which used to be the 25/25 plan) and the 150/65 plan will be staying at the same price of $74.99 and $94.99 respectively. Verizon has added a new 75/35 plan in the middle at $84.99 but the really exciting news is the 300/65 plan! This one doesn’t come cheap however, with a price-tag of $204.99 a month (which is $5.00 more than the 150/35 ultimate plan that this one is taking over for).

The bad news is that all of the new rates and plans come with a two-year contract requirement. If you are willing to shell out an extra $5.00 per month you can still go month-to-month though. If you don’t have a Verizon phone, the price goes up another $5.00 as well.

Plenty of other catches exist so I recommend reading the fine print. If you want the super-sized plans be prepared to spend $100 upgrading your equipment during a 2-4 hour service call (though the fee is waived if you are signing the two-year contract, are a new customer or an existing 150/35 plan member). You’ll also want to be sure that the building you are in can handle the new lines– if you are still stuck with copper, you won’t notice any speed difference so save your money.

These new plans are ready to go into effect (and ready for you to enjoy) on June 17, so for those of you wanting crazy amounts of bandwidth for their iPad at home, there isn’t much longer to wait!

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